Orgelfestival Holland 2013

10th International Schnitger Organcompetition

22 - 29 June 2013

The Competition

All the rounds in the Grote Sint Laurenskerk and Kapelkerk will be open to the public.


Approximately two months before the competition the candidates will be able to familiarize themselves with both the Grote Sint Laurenskerk organs during a specially organised weekend.


and the winner is......

The Xth International Schnitger Orgelconcours has been won by..... 

Ayumi Kitamura(Japan). Ayumi receives the Schnitger prize  of € 5.000,-  


The second prize,, The Flentrop Orgelbouwprize of  € 2.500,- goes to.......

Gerben Budding (The netherlands)


and the third prize,  of € 1.000,- goes to........

Hyewon Woo (South-Korea)


The audience prize , the Izaak Kingma prize also went to Ayumi Kitamura


The three candidates for the Final of the Organ competition

The three candidates that will participate in the Final of the Organ competition are (in alfabetic order):

Gerben Budding      m the Netherlands
Ayumi Kitamura     f Japan
Hyewon Woo f S-Korea

The three finalists                                                      photo: Daniël van Horssen

from left: Ayumi Kitamura, Gerben Budding, Hyewon Woo 

The six candidates that will participate in the second round of the Organ competition are       (in alfabetic order):

Vincent Bernhardt    m   France
Gerben Budding m the Netherlands
Ayumi Kitamura f Japan
Morten Ladehoff m Denmark
Attila Vadász m Hungary
Hyewon Woo f S-Korea

The twelve candidates for the first round

The application is closed and the prelimenary jury, consisting of Pieter van Dijk, Theo Jellema and Frank van Wijk, has decided which12 candidates will participate to the first round of the organ competition on Friday en Saturday 21th and 22nd  of June 2013.


The candidates are: (in alfabetic order)

Jan Baciak m Poland
Vincent Bernhardt    m   France
Gerben Budding m the Netherlands
Ayumi Kitamura f Japan
Morten Ladehoff m Denmark
Juhee Lee f S-Korea
Keiko Nakata f Japan
Matti Pohjoisaho m Finland
Manuel Schuen m Austria
Agoston Tóka m Hungary
Attila Vadász m Hungary
Hyewon Woo f S-Korea

The Jury

The performances of the twelve candidates will be evaluated by an international jury consisting of:


Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, professor of organ at the Schola Cantorum in Basel


Pieter van Dijk, professor at The Conservatory of Amsterdam and the
Musikhochschule Hamburg


Arvid Gast, director of the Church Music Institute at the Musikhochschule in



Joris Verdin, professor at the Artesis Hogeschool of Antwerp (Conservatory) and the University of Leuven.


Daniel Zaretsky, professor of Organ at the St.Petersburg State University



1st prize: € 5.000,-

2nd prize: € 2.500,-

3rd prize: € 1.000,-

Prize awarded by the public


First round

St. Laurenskerk, Van Covelens-orgel 
-J.P. Sweelinck: Fantasia a 4 (C2) SwWV 254

Van Hagerbeer/Schnitger-orgel
-J.S. Bach: Fantasia sopra il Chorale 'Wo Gott der Herr nicht bei uns hält' BWV 1128
-J.S. Bach: Toccata in F-dur BWV 540

Second round

Kapelkerk, Müller-orgel

-J.S. Bach: Toccata (manualiter) at choice from: BWV 910-916

-J.S. Bach: Duett at choice from: Dritter Theil der Clavierübung

-J.L. Krebs: Choral at choice from: Clavierübung (Erste Lieferung)

-W.F. Bach: Fuga at choice from: Acht Fugen (manualiter) Falck 31 (Berlin 1778)


St. Laurenskerk, Van Hagerbeer/Schnitger-orgel
Programme of max. 30 minutes consisting of  works of J.S. Bach:
-Free choice from organworks (not BWV 540 and 542)
-Two parts of a  Triosonate (BWV 525-530) at choice
-a slow chorale arrangement at choice


The Organ Festival Holland 2013 is being organised by:
Stichting Internationaal Schnitger Orgelconcours

Stichting Internationaal Schnitger Orgelconcours is registered under number S 41240666, Chamber of Commerce Alkmaar - the Netherlands

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