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Mennonite church

Deytenbach/Flaes organ 1866
Hoofdwerk Bovenmanuaal
Prestant 8’ Holpijp 8’
Octaaf 4’ Salicionaal 8’
Quint 3’ Roerfluit 4’
Octaaf 2’  
Cornet (treble) IV  
Manual coupler  
Pull-down pedal  
Compass manual: C-f’’’          
Compass pedal: C-c’  

This is a stop list for a one-manual instrument. The arrangement of the stops (Diapason chorus + Cornet on Hoofdwerk / Flutes + soft string stop on Bovenwerk) was characteristic of the smaller Flaes-organs. Similar instruments can be found in Kwadijk  (Hervormde Kerk,1866) and Beets (Hervormde Kerk, 1868).


History and description of the Flaes-organ at the ‘Doopsgezinde kerk’ (Mennonite Church)


The organ of the ‘Doopsgezinde Kerk’ on Koningsweg was built in 1866 by Pieter Flaes & Diederich Brünjes, organ-builders who gained their experience in the  organ-factory of Bätz & Witte in Utrecht.
In 1819 Johannes Christoffel Deytenbach placed a cabinet-organ in this church for which he made a 4-foot organ-front; the 8-foot Flaes & Brünjes-organ was built behind this ‘camouflage’-front. For this reason the wind-chests had to be placed perpendicular to the front, which resulted in a relatively deep organ-case.


Restorations and changes to the instrument were carried out in 1924 and 1951 by the organ-builders Vermeulen (Alkmaar) and a repair was carried out in 1973 by Adema (Amsterdam). 

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