Frank van Wijk

Frank van Wijk (born in Alkmaar in 1964) studied from 1983 to 1991 at the Amsterdam Conservatory. There he graduated in Organ (with respectively Piet Kee, Jacques van Oortmerssen and Hans van Nieuwkoop), Harpsichord (with Bob van Asperen and Kees Rosenhart) and Church Music (with among others Klaas Bolt).
He is active as teacher of organ, harpsichord and clavichord, as church musician (organist of the RuÔnekerk in Bergen NH and the Kapelkerk in Alkmaar) and performing musician with an extensive concert practice. Furthermore he is actively involved in the organ activities of the St. Laurensí church in Alkmaar. He has made several CD-recordings, is active as a guide of organ tours and regularly publishes articles, especially about the organ-history of Alkmaar.

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