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De Terp Oudorp

Ypma-organ 1877
Hoofdmanuaal Bovenwerk
Prestant 8                   Viola di Gamba 8
Salicionaal 8’ Holpijp 8’
Bourdon 8’ Salicionaal 4’
Octaaf 4’ Roerfluit 4’
Fluit 4’  
Quint 3’ Tremulant
Octaaf 2’ Manual coupler
Cornet (treble)IV Pedal coupler
Trompet 8’  
Compass manuals: C-f’’’  
Compass pedal: C-c’  
Description of the Ypma-organ at the Hervormde kerk, Oudorp

 Description of the Ypma-organ at the ‘Hervormde kerk’, Oudorp


A quotation for 5000 guilders was made on the 10th of January 1877 by the organ-builder Lodewijk Ypma (Alkmaar). The money was donated by the local people. Ypma completed the instrument in the same year.


On the 2nd of December 1877 the instrument was inaugurated by the (Roman-Catholic!) mayor G. Bos. In 1981, after more than a 100 years of faithful service, the instrument was restored by Vermeulen Orgelbouw, Alkmaar (the successor of Ypma since 1900).


The organ-case constitutes a nice unity with the church interior from 1859.




İFrank van Wijk, Bergen NH, April/May 2000

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