Attila Vadasz

Attila Vadasz began his musical training at an early age. He graduated from the Reformed Secondary School of Pápa (Hungary) and continued his musical education in Richter János at the Secondary School of Music in Győr, where his teacher was Csilla Alföldy-Boruss (organ, harpsichord).

In 2004 he was admitted to the Music Faculty of the University of Debrecen. In 2009 he received his MA organ degree. During his studies he was awarded the prestigious Art Scholarship of the University of Debrecen twice.

In 2011 he graduated as a student of Pieter van Dijk at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and received his Master of Music degree.

He was selected as one of the three finalists in the 2011 international organ competition in Milan and in 2012  was awarded the first prize at the international organ competition ``Premio Elvira di Renna`` in Pontecagnano – Faiano.  Also in 2012 he was selected as one of the finalists in the Daniel Herz international organ competition in Brixen.

He has taken part in many masterclasses, under the direction of Ludger Lohmann, Felix Friedrich, Ewald Kooiman, Andrea Marcon, Wolfgang Zerer, Michel Bouvard, Edoardo Bellotti, William Porter and Miklós Spányi.

Since the autumn of 2009 he fulfills the post of organist of the Mennonite Church in Alkmaar, where he plays the historical organ of Deytenbach/Flaes (1866).

Besides Hungary he has given recitals in Slovakia, Romania, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Brazil.


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